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Network Notifier – Android Application

3 Jun

A simple android application that show you Wifi SSID or APN’s mobile network ¬†that you are currently using in your Android device.

There is 3 kind of notification available to set.

1. A Toast message, that will appear in the center bottom of your screen for a couple seconds when the network change. So you will know immediately.

2. An On Screen Display(OSD), that will appear always on top of other display. So you will be quickly know what Network of Internet provider that your using.

3. A Notification panel info, you will see a message on the top of you screen whenever the network change, and you can always look at the network ID whenever you open your notification panel. And you can launch the application settings, when you click the Network Notifier notification. You may set the notification to Vibrate or make a sound when it shows.

Change Log:


-OSD added.

-Notification panel (with Sound and Vibrate option) added.

-Toast Message added.

-Font Size customable.

-Position Customable.


Network Notifier 1.0.apk