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Buy/Request unlock Firmware for xiaoyi cctv cameras

9 Nov

Procedure to request xiaoyi unlock firmware( china version) or xiaoyi recovery firmware(china or international version):

1. See the below list, if the camera is supported.

2. Write in the post about the problem and include the cameras qrcode.

3. Admin will response about the problem and if it is able to be workout, you need to pay the fee into admin Paypal account before the firmware created.


Currently supported camera:


1. Ant 720p (12CN, 17CN, *7US, *2S1, *2US)
2. Ant 2 – 1080p (24CN, 24US, 24S1)
3. Dome 720p (*3CN, *3US)
4. Dome 1080p (*5CN, *5US, 6FUS)
5. Outdoor 1080p (4CCN, 4CUS)
6. Cloud-Dome 1080p (2018 version) (4FCN)
7. Ant y3 (Mstar chipset) (4FCN)
8. Ant 1080p (*8CN, *8US, 5FCN, 6FCN, 6FUS)
9. Dome x (6FCN, 6FUS)


1. Xiaofang
2. Xiaofang 1s
3. Dafang

Not supported yet:

1. Chuangmi
2. Mijia 720p – rotate
3. Mijia 1080p – rotate
4. Mijia 1080
5. Xiaofang Hualai (360°)
6. Aqara



1. C6T
2. Mini O Plus
3. C6C
4. C6CN


Fee: $10/Firmware


NB: Custom Firmware is dangerous if you dont know what code that inserted into the Firmware.

Our firmware are guarantee free of spy code.