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Buy/Request unlock Firmware for xiaoyi cctv cameras

9 Nov

Procedure to request xiaoyi unlock firmware( china version) or xiaoyi recovery firmware(china or international version):

1. See the below list, if the camera is supported.

2. Write in the post about the problem and include the cameras qrcode.

3. Admin will response about the problem and if it is able to be workout, you need to pay the fee into admin Paypal account before the firmware created.


Currently supported camera:


1. Ant 720p (12CN, 17CN, *7US, *2S1, *2US)
2. Ant 2 – 1080p (24CN, 24US, 24S1)
3. Dome 720p (*3CN, *3US)
4. Dome 1080p (*5CN, *5US, 6FUS)
5. Outdoor 1080p (4CCN, 4CUS)
6. Cloud-Dome 1080p (2018 version) (4FCN)
7. Ant y3 (Mstar chipset) (4FCN)
8. Ant 1080p (*8CN, *8US, 5FCN, 6FCN, 6FUS)
9. Dome x (6FCN, 6FUS)


1. Xiaofang
2. Xiaofang 1s
3. Dafang

Not supported yet:

1. Chuangmi
2. Mijia 720p – rotate
3. Mijia 1080p – rotate
4. Mijia 1080
5. Xiaofang Hualai (360°)
6. Aqara



1. C6T
2. Mini O Plus
3. C6C
4. C6CN


Fee: $10/Firmware


NB: Custom Firmware is dangerous if you dont know what code that inserted into the Firmware.

Our firmware are guarantee free of spy code.


1 Nov

Before we start, i want to explain that there are 2 kind of firmware that is used by xiaoyi.

Flashable firmware and update firmware.

Flashable firmware will be written fully to the partition, but the update firmware only extract some neccesary files to home directory.

The flashable firmware usually have size between 5MB to 8MB, while the update firmware have size between 1MB to 4MB.

Now, in this topic we only speak about the flashable Firmware. Before we flash it, you need to prepare:

1. MICRO SD CARD minimum class 10, capacity 4GB-32GB, with partition type FAT32.

2. Micro sd Card reader ( if your PC/laptop dont have this capabilty or you cellphone dont have sdcard slot).

NB: if you use cellphone and planning to use micro sd card reader, make sure the cellphone support USB OTG, otherwise it wont work.

3. Original Cable or a normal Usb cable that can deliver 5V – 1A power without too much reduction. (original Camera cable is recommended)

4. Adaptor that has output 5V – 1A. (original Camera Adaptor is recommended).


Here are the steps to flash it.

1. Download the firmware.

2. Put the firmware into the root location of SDCARD.

3. Don’t forget to safe eject the sdcard from your PC/cellphone before you unplug the sdcard (dont ignore this step, data integrity is needed in this step).

4. Turn off the camera ( you need to do this whenever you plug in or plug off the sdcard from/into the camera).

5. Insert the sdcard into the camera.

6. Turn on the camera and watch the camera  reaction.

7. Don’t interrupt the flashing process until it is done.

Successfull flashing is indicated by following reaction:

– For dome cameras, the camera’s LED will blink yellow light slowly instead rotating the camera’s head.

– For other cameras than xiaoyi ant y3, they will imidiately blink yellow for about 1-3 minutes.

– For xiaoyi ant y3, it will check the firmware file for about 10-30 seconds before start blinking slowly for about 1-3 minutes.

If the flashing is failed, you need to read this article:


1 Nov

Here is where you can find official firmware for xiaoyi CCTV cameras. But since xiaoyi realize that the firmware is editable, they create a different method of updating the firmware.

For Chinese Version:

Go to Link


For International Version:

Go to Link

The full flashable firmware is only available on device yi ant 720p. But it is also not all of it, only cameras with serial *2US****** and *2S1****** which has firmware size between 6MB to 8MB.  The others are using extract method of update. And also it encrypted using RSA encrption. We can extract it, because the public key is included in the file. And it is using 7zip compression.

But it is a little hard to create/edit the firmware for update, because we dont know the private key they use to create it.

But there is another way to do it, it is to create a flashable firmware for the camera. We’ll talk about this later.


30 Oct

Xiaoyi ant 720p – International Version

Brand: Xiaoyi.
1280×720 HD resolution
111° wide angle lens
record to sdcard
sdcard file system supported: Fat32
sdcard size supported: max 32gb recommended.
Support record 24hours or on motion detected (option can be change in the application)

notes: Tried 128GB A1 Sandisk SDCard on camera serial *7US version, and it can recording. I’ve never tried until the disk is full.

Viewable Platform: Windows, Android, IOS, MAC
Multiple camera view at once: currently only support on Windows app (max 4 cam at once)
Chipset: HiSilicone Hi3518e/Hi3518ev200
CPU: ARM926EJ-S revision 5 (ARMv5TEJ)
Sensor: Omnivision Ov9732 720p30fps (Parallel Port)
Image Encoding: H.264 Main Profile
Image Enhancement: 3D Noice Reduction
Wi-Fi: 802.11 bgn
Wireless Encryption supported: WEP/WPA/WPA2
Power supply: 5v – 1000mA
Power Consumption: 3.0W (Max)

Other features:
Infrared night vision, two ways audio, activity alerts when motion is detected , Real Time live streaming, playable recorded video through application,
Included in the box:
Camera, Power Adapter, USB Cable, User Manual.

Other info:
Some camera is able to use multiple region (Serial *7US******), some camera is only available on spesific region (Serial *2US****** for North America Region, Serial *2S1****** for South Asia Region). You can see the serial at the back of the camera.

*7US****** currently dont support rtsp protocol.
*2US******, *2S1 support rtsp protocol (but need to flash custom firmware to enable it.


Disc consumption:


22S1/22US type: 11.5GB for 1280x720p video (in record folder, 4 – 5MB each file/each minute), 4GB for 640x360p video (in record_sub folder, +/- 1.5MB each file/each minute). Approx. 2400 minutes recording (40 hours).


30 Oct

Here, i want to share my custom firmware for xiaomi dafang created by myself.

Version Download

Description:  -UPDATED SOON-


Version Download

Description: -UPDATED SOON-

NB: For newer manufactured dafang, recommended using newer Firmware version for supported Hardware. Because rhe component are oftenly changed.