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5 Good Apps For Your Samsung Gear S

3 Jun

5 Apps that very useful for your Gear S

by Y2KVision

Hi everyone, thanks for coming by.

Although Samsung Gear S is capable being use as a standalone device for calling and texting, a Smartwatch device is best used as a companion for your Smartphone.

Samsung Gear S is capable for playing game, listening music and etc. In my experience using this device daily, you don’t want advance complicated app at your wrist. So i gather a few app that i found useful for me and i like to share it with you.

1. Remote Cam effects by Adam Kuszczak.

This app is awesome. You can use your Gear S as a viewfinder and take photo remotely via bluetooth connection for both, back and front phone camera. It works well for selfie with your back camera. Tested on my Note 4 and it works well.

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Samsung Gear S – Review

3 Jun

Samsung Gear S review

By Y2KVision

What is Samsung Gear S?

The Samsung Gear S technically is a standalone smartwatch device. Although it need to be conected to Samsung device smartphone to be fully operate. With the tizen OS, wifi and a built-in simcard inside, it can make a phone call directly from the gear s. For the full specs you can check it on samsung website.

First look at Samsung Gear S.

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