TP-LINK TD W8151N Firmware upgrade – From Telkom Firmware ( to Official TP-LINK Firmware – bypass UPDATE DUE TO… The uploaded file was not accepted by the router

21 Jun

About 3 years ago i got this kind of Router Modem (TP-LINK TD W8151N) from Telkom. The router has a WIFI ID logo. After take a look at a lot of blogspot , i found this blogspot, , by Mr. Josua M Sinambela (Computer Network & Infosec Consultant, Computer & Digital Forensic Investigator, Professional IT Trainer, System & Network Security and Cybersecurity Lecturer), then i just know(in 2015) that this modem is sharing Wifi SSID that i’m not intent to share, it is the SSID. I find a method to disable this SSID, it is by using the telnet. But when you reset the modem, the settings that was set by telkom will be get back. And the SSID will be reappear again. And you need to re-disable the CWMP to disable the access from Telkom to change your modem settings. Then i try to upgrade the firmware to official TP-Link Firmware. But when i do it from GUI, it said that “UPDATE DUE TO… The uploaded file was not accepted by the router”.

Now, i discover how to update the firmware. But before you doing this, you need to read this:


1. Do it on your own risk. I’m not responsible of the damage to the modem.

2. Never cut off the power when you’re upgrading, so it is recommended that you use UPS(Uninterruptable Power Supply). It will brick the modem if it got power loss when upgrading.

3. You are recommended to use Lan cable rather than using wifi connection on this method.

4. Your warranty might void if you do this.

5. After you upgrade the firmware. You might loss the settings of the modem, so you might need to write down the interface menu settings.


1. No more Telkom icon.

2. CWMP menu appear.

3. Other SSID can be edited via GUI.

4. No more Telkom settings.

5. You cannot update firmware using wifi connection.

Now, here is a method to upgrade the firmware:

1. First of all you need to do is to download the correct firmware from TP-LINK website. Mine is v3. Make sure you already unzip the file (the firmware name should be ras).

2. Backup or write down your pppoe username and password. RESET the modem by sticking the reset button for about 10 seconds and release it. Wait until it is restarting. (This is to make sure that your modem is using the ip address. You might skip it if you know what you’re doing. I mean the ip address)

3. Connect to the modem using telnet via LAN (you might need to set the ip of your computer LAN to, subnet mask: and gateway: In telnet , set the ip to you already reset the modem).and use admin when you asked about the password.

3. Use this command in telnet to bypass the telkom protected firmware: “sys modelcheck off”, without quotes. Then press enter.

4. Now we will use the GUI to upgrade. Open browser and type Login (default username: admin password: admin) then go to the Management menu then choose Firmware. Click on choose rom file. Select the ras file that we already extract in step 1. Then click update. Wait the process and wait until the modem reboot. Don’t press anything or unplug the power until the reboot done.

5. After reboot done. Try to open with browser again. If it is successfull. It will show the login page. Default username: admin, password: admin (make sure all in lower case).

6. Now you go to Maintenance menu again then firmware then choose reset. Or use telnet then type “sys default” then press enter. This method is to clear the telkom settings.

Thanks for reading my article. Feel free to share it. But if you want to copy the article. Dont forget to link this article url.

4 Responses to “TP-LINK TD W8151N Firmware upgrade – From Telkom Firmware ( to Official TP-LINK Firmware – bypass UPDATE DUE TO… The uploaded file was not accepted by the router”

  1. Blasius Putra July 17, 2016 at 1:57 am #

    i tried your instruction and i got reply if modelcheck turned:off
    but still the router refused the update firmware.
    any idea why i failed?

    • ykhandler July 18, 2016 at 12:07 pm #

      Have you checked that the firmware is not yet the latest? For your caution, after you flash to the latest version, you can’t downgrade…

    • ykhandler September 15, 2016 at 10:44 am #

      If you already update to the latest firmware. You cannot downgrade it anymore.

  2. Mahmoud Elshazly September 5, 2018 at 12:14 am #

    Thank you man This worked like a charm for me, Thanks a gain 🙂

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