Samsung Gear S – Review

3 Jun

Samsung Gear S review

By Y2KVision

What is Samsung Gear S?

The Samsung Gear S technically is a standalone smartwatch device. Although it need to be conected to Samsung device smartphone to be fully operate. With the tizen OS, wifi and a built-in simcard inside, it can make a phone call directly from the gear s. For the full specs you can check it on samsung website.

First look at Samsung Gear S.

What you can do with Samsung Gear S?

You can control your music app at your mobile device from the gear s or you can play music directly from your wrist cause it have a loudspeaker built-in. For me the sound quality is so average, but I think everyone having this smartwatch will also having a great quality smartphone on your pocket or at least a bluetooth earphone to enjoy your music on the go. Built in gps navigation map will be useful to see direction directly from your wrist. The watchface can be change to suit your own style. From digital watchface to analog one. There is so much option you can choose and download it from the market. The gear s have a built-in alarm app so you don’t missed any alarm you made directly from the gear s itself or you will get the alarm you made on your smartphone when being connected via bluetooth. It can receive any notification you have on your smartphone. From alarm to your social media app. You can send and receive email or sms directly from your gear s. it have a tiny full built-in keyboard for you to type a message you want. Yes it’s tiny but don’t worry the keyboard actually very use able to type on. Although some features we may seen on the last gear generation was a little bit disappointment such as infrared and camera, but it’s not a big deal though. The first thought i have for the strap is like a cheap plastic rubber, but after a few days of using it feels so great. It’s lightweight makes so comfortable and fit on my wrist.

Day by day used by my experience.

The Pros:

First time I used this smartwatch it looks so bulky But after a few day I’m very satisfied for this device. It’s look big, but the overall weight is so light. Actually it doesn’t even bothering me to wear it all day long even when I typing on the keyboard at my laptop or tablet. For daily casual use, I think it looks so appealing to the eye arround you, because the bezzel and the Super Amoled curve display looks so awesome. It have ip67 certified (dust and water resistant) so it can be used while you are swimming without missed any call or notifications you may have. I get so much different cool wathfaces from the free download in the market but when I’m bored with all of that I can make my own theme for my gear s.

The Cons:

Battery lifetime is so much of a down side. Usually It can achieve 1 day long of my general usage. (Fully conected via bluetooth to my note 4. Price it too much costly. The charger using a dock which sometime a bit annoying to plug in and out. I think for a smartwatch this day it should have more features in it. The tech now have the capability more than this.


For you  as a “Gadget” guy personality the gear s is worthy to have. Thanks for coming by and read my blog. See you on my next article. Any questions about this article can contact me by leaving your comments below.

5 good apps for your Gear S

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