Gain Access to your OpenWRT Router

3 Jun

The first step after we Upgrade our router to OpenWRT, is to gain access to the it.

In this tutorial, i will teach you how to access it using even with ethernet/LAN Cable or Wifi.

Here is the steps:
1. Download Winscp and Putty. Or JuiceSSH for Android OS.
2. Connect the LAN Cable, from the Router to the PC.
3. Open Browser and type you can try if it is failed. Then login.
4. In the upper click Network -> Wifi.
5. In the second row of Wireless Overview, choose enable (this is to activate the Router’s Wifi).
6. Don’t forget to setup the Wifi Password, so that other people cannot access. You can do this by selecting the Security Tab in the below section. If you already set it up, press “Save & Apply”.
7. Now, in the upper section, click Network -> Interface. If there is no LAN interface, then click Add Interface. Name the interface with “LAN”, then set the Protocol to “static Address”.
Checklist “Create a bridge over multiple interfaces”, then checklick “Cover the following interfaces”.
Checklist “VLAN interface: ‘eth0.1 (lan)'” and “Wireless Network: Master ‘OpenWrt (lan)'” then press Submit.
Insert ipv4 addess: (you can change 44 with others, but make sure it will not used by other router if you will use it pairing with other router), subnet mask: then ipv4 gateway:
Click Save & Apply.

8. In this step, your Router now can be access using LAN Cable or Wifi. Connect your device through LAN Cable to port 1 or through Wifi.
9. pen Putty or JuiceSSH and Set the ip address (look at step 7, use that ip), port 23, Connection: telnet. Save Configuration for future usage. Then Click Open.
10. If it success then will appear “root@openwrt:”

11. Now we set openwrt to be access via SSH. Type passwd in the commandline and press Enter, now type the password you want for the SSH (it will not show asterixs or character you type) press Enter then type the password again for confirmation then press Enter

12. Now you router cannot be access via telnet, but we can access via SSH or SCP.

13. If you’re using PC, run WinSCP. If you’re using Android, re-run JuiceSSH. Create new Configuration with ip address (make sure this is the ipv4 address that you set on step 7). Port 22, username root, and password is the password that you set in putty. Connection type: SCP if you’re using WinSCP, SSH if you use JuiceSSH.Save the configuration and then Open.

14. If it success then the application will alert you about SSH Fingerprint. Choose Update or Open. If it prompt for username and password, fill it again. If it success it will show “root@openwrt:” and in WinScp it will show you the folders.

Congratulation, now you can access your Router Via SSH / SCP for transfer files.

Note: in JuiceSSH, you need to do “cd /” after you login, then you can ‘ls’.

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